WHY CRIO'S STORY IS NOW MINE | More Than a Donation

Our orphan student sponsorship program is at the heart of what we do because we believe that it is at the center of God’s heart to care for the world’s most vulnerable—the child left without a mother or father to care for them.

Many of the children in Africa have been orphaned as a result of war, intense poverty, and the HIV virus.  Join us in creating a positive future for those that have been forgotten. 

Read more about how Dustin and Shelly are sponsoring an orphan, a child that belongs to the family of God.

A child that now belongs to the Paige family.       


Why CRIO’s Story is Now Mine | More than a Donation by Shelly Paige

About the Author:  Shelly is a wife, mother, musician, singer, song-writer, and activist for children in Africa.

My husband and I have been supporting a little boy in Zimbabwe for a couple of years now through CRIO International.  We donate monthly so that his immediate needs are met.  We feel so blessed to be able to do this, but the impact that CRIO has made on our lives is so much deeper than a monthly donation.

We were introduced to the founders of CRIO about 8 years ago through our close friends, but we never really knew the impact that CRIO International was making in the war-torn countries of Africa.  Over the years, we have built a relationship with the CRIO team and have heard many stories about their trips to Africa.  We learned about the horrific violence, the communities that are being devastated as a result of poverty, the orphans who are living with life threatening diseases, and an economical system that is continuing to fail its’ country.  At one point, my heart was completely broken after hearing about the children who were suffering due to disease, with no parents and no home.  I asked how we could help and we immediately began sponsoring a little boy through CRIO International.

We have sponsored orphans in the past through other organizations; however, we have felt more connected to this sponsorship.  We have received frequent emails encouraging us and telling us stories about how our donations have impacted these communities.  We’ve also had the opportunity to speak with one of CRIO’s pastors in Africa who oversees the orphanage where our little boy is living.  The stories, emails, and pictures have shown us that one person can make a huge impact!  We feel connected to CRIO’s vision as a result of relationship.  And, relationship is what is changing these communities.

CRIO is changing Africa one small community at a time by building relationships and investing time and resources into these villages.  Hundreds of churches have been planted and pastors and leaders are being trained and equipped so that they may pour themselves into their surrounding villages and communities.  In addition, schools and orphanages are being built in these communities where each child’s life is now given a second chance!

My husband and I feel like CRIO is now a part of our story.  Although the need is great in Africa, one person can make a huge difference, no matter how far away you live!


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