Friends of CRIO, we are so grateful for your donations this past Christmas.   Your gifts have had a significant impact!

This is Barasa, an orphan sponsored through CRIO, an orphan I now sponsor.

He was hospitalized for Typhoid fever just before Christmas.  Thanks to your gift, his hospital bill was covered!  

Barasa lived with his mother until she died of typhoid several months ago.  You can only imagine the devastation he must have felt when he contracted the same illness.  As I heard more about Barasa and his story, I decided to sponsor Barasa each month.

His monthly sponsorship was initiated by my family members who gave me an orphan sponsorship donation for Christmas.  Now he will be attending our new elementary school in his church, which was built by my home church.  Barasa’s church was built on the plot of land purchased by a good friend.  In addition, a new well is being dug for the children to have clean water.   

These are the stories that give me so much joy.  It is exciting to see this local church in Africa become a solution to poverty, disease, and oppression.  Barasa is now receiving an education, meals, medical care, and clean water!  Together we are bringing hope and literally saving lives.  Thank you for entering into what might have been a tragic story and making someone’s dreams come true!


Mombasa orphan 4-1.jpg