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Our Orphan Sponsorship Program is at the heart of what we do.  Many of the children in Africa have been orphaned as a result of war, intense poverty, and the HIV virus.  Engage in the life of a child and influence the future of one of these amazing children.  Connect with a child in need and follow their progress.  Write letters, send care packages, and discover specific needs and opportunities to care and infuse a life with hope.

The average cost to sponsor an elementary student is $30.00 a month and $50.00 a month for a high school student.  You can support and directly connect with an individual student while also providing for the needs of an entire school.  Your donation will help pay for a child to attend school, room and board, meals, uniform, school supplies, medicine, and more.  You can give a one-time gift to this program, sponsor a child for 3 months, 6 months, one year, or longer.  

Become a monthly sponsor for an elementary or high school aged orphan below.

Monthly Recurring Donation for an Elementary Aged Orphan

Monthly Recurring Donation for a High School Aged Orphan