Dr. Ron and Janice Hesser

Dr. Ron and Janice Hesser

Crio International is a 501(c) 3 organization that began with a desire to see the local church be an agent of compassionate change and hope for the world.   Christ modeled that same compassion and initiated hope and freedom for all.  President Dr. Ron Hesser and his wife Janice founded Crio International after they were invited to visit Africa in 2001 where they observed the great need and believed that the church had solutions to the extreme poverty and community leadership vacuum.   Since that time, Crio International has been actively mobilizing leaders, listening, and responding to the needs of the slums and underprivileged communities.


Crio International is different from many organizations in our hands-on approach to project accountability and relationship with our donors.  We strive to connect our donors to the specific projects they are passionate about and provide feedback for how their generosity is making a difference.  Crio International provides supervision for project outcomes and site visitation.   We are able to give 100% of all donations directly to the beneficiary.  All administrative costs are covered by our foundation.  None of your donation will be used to cover non-project expenses. 


Ron and Janice live in Poteau, Oklahoma, where Ron is a full time dentist. His belief that the church is uniquely qualified to address the social injustice and oppression of families and communities has led to a national movement that they have invited others to join. Crio International is bringing a message of love and hope to over 35 nations in Africa and growing.

The needs of Africa are great, but if everyone does something, the needs would be met.  There are many ways that you can get involved and transform the future of a community.  A tribe.  A family.  An orphan.  Someone in Africa needs you.